La Nostra Storia 

The story of Alessandro and Matteo, two best friends who dreamt big.

As youngsters the pair became brothers on and off the pitch. Their dream was to one day step onto the San Siro together as professional footballers. People spoke of their exceptional understanding the pair had on the pitch. You couldn’t have Alessandro without Matteo and you couldn’t have Matteo without Alessandro. Their success on the pitch was noticed and the pressure to make it mounted.

They soon left for Italy to chase their calling. Palermo and Pescara were just two teams the boys had the privilege of trialling for. Both having experienced moments that will stay with them forever. Unfortunately, their luck turned for the worse and the combination of injuries and greedy agents plagued them.

They were supposed to make it.

The boys returned to Melbourne wounded, hearts broken from the reality of modern football. Their heartache only drove them to keep striving to achieve what others thought was impossible. Their passion for football still runs deep in their veins and through this, Calcio Club was born.

Our life revolved around a football, and in many ways it still does. Calcio Club has become our platform to express our love of football through streetwear. We aim to share with you our passion and hope that through our brand you too can reminisce on your greatest football memories when wearing Calcio Club.

Christian was there throughout Alessandro and Matteo's journey in Italy and he felt every emotion they were going through. When the boys came to Christian with the idea of Calcio Club and what it could be, Christian didn't hesitate. 

To read more about the Calcio Club story, click the link below to view an article written in Segmento magazine.